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Hey guys, I am restarting One Cent Thoughts on a new Tumblog,!


Here we go again.

Today I will rebooting my blog miniseries: One Cent Thoughts.

One Cent Thoughts was a little side project on my main tumblog that I started beginning of my freshman year of college, where I posted my daily thoughts, musings, and introspections every night. It ended up with me staying up past 3 in the morning each night, revising and rewriting sentences only to pump out very few material. It was not sustainable.

I stopped writing, less than two weeks in. 

Today, I will be trying to resume blogging daily. Why? Because 1) lately I’ve been having a lot on my mind with a lot to say, and 2) I am once again in a period of non-activity and unproductivity. Usually at some point during that period I get fed up and commit myself into doing something. That thing is usually one of these productive things: writing poetry, composing piano music or trying to build a photography portfolio. I spend a few weeks obsessed with my new-found goal of creative exploration, of finding ways to express myself in beautiful, catchy yet still unique ways. 

Then… I stop. Simple as that. I revert back to where I was before. I put it off. I get lazy. I lose track of time. I get fed up with how inadequate my output is and quit. This I call The Cycle.


Here is a list of some of the previous Cycles I’ve gone through:

Sweet piano arrangements for sweet songs: SwitchfootTangled One’s Hope

Poetry: Any of these posts

Photography website? I never found photos to put in it.

Trying my hand at producing hip hop tracks: Track 1Track 2, Track 3

A new iPhone photography site:

And many other scrapped projects including: a music blog, animation, film making, script writing, comic strip making, video game development, and so forth. All of these things I have stopped doing. I remember feeling so sure, so fired up and ready to make a career out of this creative work. I just have to keep working on it to make it better. But in the end of these cycles I get fed up and quit. 


So congratulations. Here I am, at the beginning of another Cycle, feeling so confident that I will actually spend more than a week with this new endeavor. I understand if this is silly to you. It’s just a blog! But even posting regularly to this blog will be a big victory for me.

How long will this go before I abandon this blog, just like everything else? How long will I force myself to write before I can’t deal with it anymore? Then how long will I sit in wasted time before I get so sick of myself that I force myself to start being creative again?

Do I really desire to write? I think so, but then why can’t I bring myself to do it? I’ve watched Ira Glass’s video On Being Creative multiple times, which tells me that I must fight through this, but I honestly don’t have the will to fight such a fight. Nor do I have such a hopeful outlook that the fight will be worth it. I know after years and years of fighting on the piano, I’ve never gone beyond a certain level of piano playing skill. So how do I know that my writing is something worth fighting for?

How many more Cycles will I go through before I either quit completely, or succeed?





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